Baby Bird Hand Rearing Formula, 2kg



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This mix can be used to handrear all Insect and Seed eating garden birds from Blackbirds and Robins, to Goldfinches and Sparrows. It is not suitable for rearing Swifts, Birds of Prey, Waterfowl or Pigeons.

This is the formula, that we at Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue, have been using and improving on for 12 Years. We have always been happy to share the recipe but have been asked many times, if we can make the formula up for carers. So here it is!

The 1kg weight formula contains:-

  • ground up (80%) chicken biscuits
  • proprietary breeding mash
  • dried Ants/Flies
  • dried Daphnia
  • proprietary Insect Mix
  • probiotics and prebiotics

The dried mix will last for a while so simply scoop out what you need, into a feed pot, mix with water until the mix forms the consistency of thick cream and then use a pastette or coffee stirrer to feed your bird.  In between feeds, make sure that the mix is kept refrigerated to prevent any build up of bacteria (or make a fresh batch each feed) and change the mix at least 2-3 times per day.

Once your baby bird is covered in pin feathers, begin to introduce live foods such as waxworms alongside the mix.



Make sure to clean any food spills from your bird’s feathers as these will breed bacteria.


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Weight 2000 g