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My book, “a beginner’s guide to rearing Wild Birds” now has new updates for 2018 including updated hand rearing formula recipe, information on how to effectively stabilise your baby bird and deal with injuries!

The book is aimed specifically at those who wish to start helping baby birds on a regualr basis and covers everything from which birds to help and which to leave alone, how to reunite a bird with its parents and if that is not possible how to give it the best chance to grow into a healthy, and above all, wild, adult! There is also a full colour ID chart in the back of the book to help you identify the species of the chick you are rearing.

Rearing baby birds is one of the most rewarding things I have ever learned to do as a wildlife “rehabber”. Once the basics of warmth and food are right, they can progress with little trouble, but how do you know when it’s right to intervene and rescue, what food will ensure good feather growth and how to give this animal you’ve rescued its best chance of surviving in the wild? This book covers everything I have learned about rearing genuinely orphaned wild birds and giving them that second chance to be wild.

Samantha Bedford

Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue

This is a PDF download suitable for desktop PC’s and tablets. It’s not suitable for the kindle, please find the kindle edition available on Amazon – A beginner’s guide to rearing Wild Birds – Samantha Bedford

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