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  1. Hi, could you please tell me when you expect to have the miracle nipples mini in stock please

    1. A couple of weeks I’m afraid, we’re waiting for delivery from the US

  2. Hi, could you please tell me expected delivery times for orders placed on your website. Thanks

  3. Can you tell me how long it will be until you have more mini miracle nipples available please? Desperately needing new ones. Thanks

    1. They’re back in stock now.

  4. Hi just ordered some Miracle Nipples Mini, how long is your despatch timeline please.

  5. Will you deliver to Finland? What will the shipping costs be?

    1. Hi, I have added Finland to our shipping list. It would £19.99 for up to 2kg

  6. Hi, just placed a big order do you have any idea when your hatchling pigeon rearing kit may be back in stock ? Trying to get ready early for baby birds ?

    1. Just updated it with the last 2 in stock 🙂

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