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People often make the mistake of thinking that we are a larger organisation than we actually are, possibly because we are the only charity of our kind in Bedfordshire. We pride ourselves on having a very high rate of success and we are an RSPCA approved facility. So what are they types of work we do?


Orphaned Birds

We class the rearing of orphaned birds as our speciality subject and have a 79% success rate with handrearing. Our orphans require round the clock care and we use specialist equipment to assist in their care.

Baby birds are fed as often as every 10 minutes for 15 hours a day and we use our own specialist formula to rear them. In just one season we can rear as many as 350 baby birds.


We often deal with animals who have been hit by cars or who have flown into windows and suffered head or spinal trauma.

With a combination of fluids, heat and the right medication, these cases can often see a fairly quick recovery where there are no fractures present.


One of the illnesses we see frequently is that of Sarcoptic Mange in Foxes. This horrible ailment is caused by mites burrowing into the skin, causing terrible itching. The infestation eventually becomes so bad that the Fox suffers from malnutrition and sepsis and will ultimately die.

It is fairly easy to treat however and Foxes do tend to make a good recovery.


Many of our intake are presented with injuries such as fractures and open wounds.

Some inevitably require surgery and sadly, some just cannot be saved. Many superficial injuries however, can be treated in-house and go on to make a full recovery.


Sadly, we do also sometimes see victims of just mindless cruelty.

Mammals and Birds who have been shot (like this rare Turtle Dove) for no other reason than somebody thought it would be fun to inflict pain.

Orphaned Mammals

Whilst the majority of our Spring season work is dedicated to birds, we also take in and care for orphaned mammals and these get every bit as much care as our birds.

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We are Bedfordshire’s only wildlife rescue charity, and
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Though we wish we could, we are not as yet able to run a 24 hour service and very often we are so busy that we are unable to immediately answer the phone , so please do bear with us and do leave us a message. It is likely only to be a few minutes before we return your call.

Telephone: 01582 527465

Email: info@wildlife-rescue.org.uk

Registered Charity No. 1110714


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