Young Bird Sickness – the Autumn intake

This is a condition affecting Pigeons and Doves that has had devastating effects in wildlife centres around the UK over the last 2 – 3 years, particularly during the Autumn months. It is a combined sickness consisting of both virus and bacteria and is transmitted by air, dust and contact between birds. Symptoms are varied [...]

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Lysine Deficiency – the cause of the decline in Sparrows?

Over the decade and more that I have been taking in and rearing baby birds, I have noticed and recorded a lot of changes in the species I care for, notably the decline in Greenfinch numbers seen in rescue centres, the times of year that certain illness and ailments are waxing and waning, the calcium [...]

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Bats affected by roofing materials

This little Pipistrelle Bat came in via the RSPCA! He had woken up from hibernation with some sort of hair or fibres around one wing which meant that he couldn't stretch the wing out. As a result, he couldn't fly and ended up on the ground where he got very cold. The fibres were removed, [...]

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