In October, I was amazed to be one of ten people picked for an IFAW Award for 2015. These prestigious awards are sponsored by Express Newspapers and the awards are held at the House of Lords. More about the Winners can be found here. I am not someone who is comfortable with attention, so to [...]

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Bats affected by roofing materials

This little Pipistrelle Bat came in via the RSPCA! He had woken up from hibernation with some sort of hair or fibres around one wing which meant that he couldn't stretch the wing out. As a result, he couldn't fly and ended up on the ground where he got very cold. The fibres were removed, [...]

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Red Kite Released

This beautiful Red Kite was found by the side of a road in August 2014. Thinking he had been hit by a car, our Trustee Claire dashed out to collect him. We subsequently found that this was not the case but that the bird has very advance Frounce, a parasitic disease of the throat, which [...]

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Rare Bird brought in

This fabulous little Bird, a Wryneck, was brought in to us after it was found huddled on a pavement in Blackfriars Lane, London and taken to a vets in Hertfordshire. The little bird appeared to be suffering from a head trauma and so, was given a steroid injection plus covering antibiiotic and fluids. He soon [...]

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